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Business Contract Attorney

Business Agreements

Contracts to Document the Deal

An agreement between two parties forms the backbone of the relationship, and sets out rules for how activities will proceed or end.  We can assist you with drafting the appropriate legal language in your contract, and negotiating with the other side to make sure the provisions of the contract protect you and accurately represent your understanding of the situation.  Our Denver law firm has expertise in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, agreements, and legal documents.  A contract, agreement, or legal document that’s properly written and executed can protect you and your business and help avoid disputes and costly litigation.  These are some of the types of legal documents we can draft, review, or negotiate:

  • Subcontractor agreements

  • Independent contractor agreements

  • Sales agreements

  • Asset purchase agreements

  • Intellectual property agreements

  • Mergers and acquisitions contracts

  • Letters of intent

  • Demand letters

  • Settlement agreements and releases

  • Trademark agreements

  • Food manufacturing and distribution agreements

Get Help With Business Agreements

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