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a trademark law boutique

by Tamara S. Pester, LLC

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Focus on your business. 

Protect your brand.

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Where We Specialize. . . 

Our trademark boutique is a specialty law practice offering proven and personalized results for companies and individuals who want to protect their brands so that they can focus on their business.  Our clients understand the competitive advantage that trademarks deliver.


We search  availability to minimize the risk associated with creating, using, or expanding the market or geographic area of your brand. Feel confident that infringement risk is low. 

Our rigorous standards ensure maximum efficiency and productivity on complex and large-scale applications for trademark registration filing projects.

Ensure your valuable trademarks are monitored and enforced with our streamlined and cost-efficient range of trademark watching services.

Trademark Enforcement

We strategically enforce and defend trademarks against infringers through a variety of actions, from sending cease and desist letters, to opposition or cancellation proceedings with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, or escalating matters to Federal court. 

About the firm . . . 

We've got your back.

TMBTQ is a trademark boutique practice with an impeccable track record of delivering proven and personalized results.  We are NOT large legal practice that recycles the same advice over and over again, or a newly minted lawyer who hung out a shingle for a Denver trademark law firm and mindlessly churns out trademark applications without first fully analyzing the appropriateness of the mark for use and registration.

We are Denver business and trademark lawyers who provide effective legal representation to help businesses achieve their goals.    ​

We can help register and protect trademarks, create appropriate business contracts, guide you through FTC advertising laws, or help you buy or sell a business.  

We offer personalized service, and start by comprehensively understanding our clients’ businesses.  We pride ourselves on helping businesses protect their assets and limit their potential liabilities.  We’re happy to work with you to determine the most appropriate way to invest in our legal services. 

Depending on the project, we work either on an hourly basis or on a flat-fee basis for well-defined projects.  We have the experience to help companies handle legal issues as they arise.

We love supporting entrepreneurs in Colorado — the state that’s “entrepreneurial by nature.”  Our founder also offeres an online class, Learn Trademarks!

Client 2

Efficient and thorough

Tamara was super efficient to work with. As a small business owner, I don't have much time for back and forth. I had a quick phone chat, sent her an email with my trademark info and she took care of the rest. Highly recommend. Thank you, Tamara! -- Brooke S.

Want to protect your business or brand?

We're here to help.

Schedule a strategy session to go over your situation with an attorney.  We will provide feedback on the course of action that will best protect you from a legal perspective, including any concrete steps you can take now.   
If you schedule a trademark consultation and later buy one of our flat fee trademark packages, the price of the session is applied to your package.

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