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Trademark registration and renewal are so tricky, even our President fails

Truth is, trademark registrations and renewals aren’t really that tricky, if you know what you’re doing. However, it came to my attention recently that DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, INC. made a little mistake with respect to the organization’s trademark. The application for MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Serial No. 86/716,074) in connection with “All-purpose athletic bags; All-purpose carrying bags; Backpacks; Beach bags; Book bags; Carry-all bags; Change purses; Clutches; Coin purses; Dog apparel; Duffel bags; Garment bags for travel; Handbags; Key cases; Pet clothing; Purses and wallets; School bags; Small backpacks; Travel bags” in Class 18 and “Footwear; Hats; Jackets; Pants; Shirts; Short-sleeved or long-sleeved t-shirts; Shorts; Socks; Sweat shirts; Swim wear” in Class 25 was filed as an intent-to-use application.

Intent-to-use applications are only valid as long as you submit a specimen of use within the timeframe proscribed by the PTO. Well, our President failed to filed either a specimen showing actual use of the mark in connection with those goods, nor a request for an extension of time to file the same, so MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN became “abandoned” on September 18, 2017. However, the Patent and Trademark Office rules have a lot of loopholes and ways to correct mistakes. In this case, a few weeks after the abandonment, a Petition to Revive and Request for Extension of Time to file the Statement of Use were filed, so we can breathe easy that the goods bearing the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN slogan may still be protected by trademark law.

Photo compliments of @historyinHD on Unsplash

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