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Scam alert: WTP Publication "Invoice"

Updated: Apr 5

Trademark Lawyer Tamara Pester with WTP Publication Invoice - scam
Trademark Lawyer Tamara Pester with Fake WTP "Publication Invoice"

I got an invoice in the mail from something called the World Trademark Publication service. The WTP Publication Invoice looks really official, right? It has my client's USPTO application filing date, trademark application serial number, the classifications of goods and services, the "National classes" -- not really sure what that is-- and the trademark name itself (redacted here).

The WTP Publication invoice also has a "Publication fee" -- $1,420. My clients get these all the time. I was a little surprised that the WTP sent it to me as attorney of record rather than to the client directly. But just so that you know, this is not legit. It's a total trademark scam, there is no World Trademark Publication. There is a step in the trademark process where your trademark application gets published for opposition, BUT, there is no additional fee to do that. There is never any additional fee after you apply for a trademark with the USPTO, other than the fees for a Statement of Use or if you're requesting to divide an application into two separate applications, or in some other very specific, very complicated situations, such as receipt of an Office Action where the USPTO Examining Attorney requires the division of goods and services into two classes. This $1420 invoice is going to go right where it belongs -- into the shredder. If you get this invoice from the World Trademark Publication, DON'T PAY IT!!

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office trademark registration process does NOT require fees for "publication." Publication of a trademark application opens the 30-day opposition window. Third parties can file an opposition, or a request for extension of time, during that time period. Please beware if you receive the WTP Publication Invoice, that it is NOT a necessary step in the trademark registration process with the USPTO. If you are confused or concerned, please call your local trademark attorney. Any decent trademark lawyer will set you straight on this!

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